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tv   Local 5 News at Five  ABC  October 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm CDT

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"local 5 news at 5 in hd iowa" stephanie good evening. welcome to home of we are iowa dot com. i'm stephanie angleson. and i'm jack miller. jack: still no verdict. following now for a week is taking a surprising turn. be headed for a pete polson is charged with pleasant hill neighborhood last fall, injuring two people. local five's claire powell has been following the trial since the start. she joins us live now with an update. claire jack and stephanie, after 16 hours and two full days of deliberation the jury in the attempted murder trial for pete polson has still not reached a verdict. polson is facing three counts of attempted murder, two willful injuries charges, intimidation with
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weapon, felon in firearm and two drug charges. with polson and both attorneys in the court room, judge jeffrey farrell questions- all jurys deliberation room. requesting clarification of what "mental in relation to this case and specifically if murder premedation or motive "possible for more clarification efficient mental capacity, intoxication as a defense causing mental , what is a mental disability claire in talking to the today, they told today, they told us they're surprised the
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verdict in this will return morning at 9 am. stay with us as a verdict is reach. local 5 news we stephanie: new at five now... stephanie: we're seeing dashcam video for the first time from the night a des moines police officer shot and killed a suspect. here it is... you can see the view vanessa miller's car. it all happened traffic stop,. another vehicle pulls up to the officers car, squad car's doors. the suspect gets out of his car erractically, sparking this later ... he pulls a u-turn and approaches officer miller's squad car. that's when she you can't see it very well in the video but you shots. at 10-- we'll show video... now this is who officer miller old ryan bollinger. he was unarmed. a grand jury found no reason to press
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charges against officer miller in august... and the des moines police department has also cleared her of any wrong- doing. this afternoon, local five sat down with the des moines police chief. look for more on why he decided officer miller's actions were justified tonight at 10. jack: in the latest political news, there's now one less democrat president. here's local 5 chief political correspondent amanda krenz with details. amanda former virginia senator jim webb announced today that he's dropping out from the democratic presidential primary, saying that he no longer fits into the party's platform. in the press conference, webb criticized the format of the first democratic presidential debate, complaining that he did not get enough time compared to front-runner hillary clinton. webb also callled out both republicans and democrats for insulting each other and failing to talk about the issues on the campaign trail. (jim webb;former democratic presidential candidate) "americans are disgusted by all this talk of republicans and democrats calling each other the enemy instead of reaching across the aisle and finding ways to work together. i know what an enemy really is,
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the other party in america is not the enemy; they are the opposition. in our democracy we are lucky to have an opposition amanda though webb won't be part of the jefferson- jackson dinner in des moines this weekend with the other democrats, he says he is not totally out of the political spotlight. he will explore other options and areas of support in the coming weeks, including running as an independent. he also says he will not support hillary clinton or donald trump if they become the nominees. i'm amanda krenz. local five news, we are iowa. jack: we want to know your thoughts on jim webb's departure. will it affect the race in any way? you can connect with us on facebook and twitter. send us an email to: "news at we are iowa dot com" or call us in the newsroom: 1- 800-858-5555. jack: and here's the latest poll-- from c-n-n. donald trump is
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on the republican side with 27 percent nationally. on the democratic side, still the clear front-runner 45 percent you can see jim webb was pulling 1 percent before today. stephanie/2shot five... day marty mcfly travelled to the future... we'll see what the film got right about 2015...and what's way off. jack: but next... a scandal! what's got the basketball today. stephanie: and... straight ahead-- as we get ready for another season of cyclone travel to kansas city to hear from the players. day --with a live report, coming up. 5 news at 5 in hd with angleson, we are
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iowa's most accurate
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forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. this is local 5 news at 5, we are iowa." stephanie: topping national headlines-- a sex scandal rocking one of the top college basketball programs in the country. stephanie: the woman at the center of it all is speaking out to espn's "outside the lines," sharing accusations and raising the allegations university of louisville team. abc's elizabeth hur has more. ((sot)) "side deals were sex, make extra money, deal was? sex." katina powell.. who former director of for the college basketball powerhouse university of louisville cardinals.. hired female recruits and paid for the arrangements. "andre was the one who had the money. he passed out the money, for the deals" in an interview with outside the lines? the
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author of the book.. "breaking cardinal rules".. says she attended about 22 parties between 2010 and 2014.. some in on-campus dorms.. adding she and several other women.. including three of her daughters.. took part in sex acts with recruits.. team mebers and even some of their fathers. ((sot)) pitino: "it almost got me sick to my stomach." meanwhile.. the team's two-time national championship coach rick pitino.. maintains he does not believe in cheating and he did not break any nc-double-a rules. ((sot)) pitino: "i do know this, if there was any wrong doing, it's a big if.. people have to pay for their crimes." ((sot)) powell: "four years, a boat load of recruits, a boat load of dancers, loud music, alcohol, security
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could rick not know?" liz tag: powell does say she never met with or told espn today, mcgee truth. so eh, abc news, ny. basketball media day in kansas city. a look at the cyclone season. local five's jordan furbee is talking with iowa state players today and he's live in k.c. -- jordan? jordan hey guys that's right we're here at big 12 men's basketball media day. i had a chance to catch up with iowa state head coach steve prohm, as well as the players here, georges niang, jameel mckay, naz long and montee morris and while most questions are focused on basketball, i wanted to ask them the "hard hitting" questions. take a look. no closed captioning
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jordan coming up at six, we'll get serious
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we'll get serious with the team and talk about the upcoming season and how the team is managing those high expectations. but for now, from the sprint center in kansas city, i'm jf local 5 sports, we are iowa. stephanie: and iowa state's first game -- it's
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6th. jack: meteorologist joins us now.. ((ad lib weather toss)) "now, we are iowa's most accurate forecast with chief meteorologist brad edwards. certified by weatherrate the
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brad: charli brady of ankeny will be our next after three weeks of dry weather, some areas finally got a today. and there is but we should be mainly dry into this temperatures. skies will be clear to partly cloudy through tonight with southerly winds and temps in the 60s most of the overnight hours, which is very warm for this time of year. clouds will likely return wednesday along with a few showers for mainly southern iowa. temperatures will be a little cooler
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especially for those areas that don't see much sunshine. thursday is also looking mostly cloudy with just a few showers for mainly far western iowa. our rain chances go way up on friday with showers and a few rumbles possible as a weather system comes out of the sw. after a decent soaking friday, this system should leave us just in time to have a nice weekend with sunshine and near seasonal temperatures in the low 60s. next week it looks like some very chilly air could arrive here by wednesday. it seems we are way overdo for that! brad/wxhang (adlib) jack:/
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stephanie: thanks, brad! stephanie:
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stephanie: and if you have a child interested in doing the in doing the
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weather with in doing the weather with brad, log onto our website-- we are iowa dot com and click on the future forecaster tab. we'll be right
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stephanie: there's something really fun we're working on tomorrow on iowa, our five. a back to the future themed show... because october 21st, 2015 is the day in the future that marty mcfly travels to in the 1985 movie "back to the future." stephanie: we really hope you'll tune in, from 5-7 a-m to see things like... the special story we did with a man who has rebuilt a delorean to match doc brown's famous time travel vehicle. stephanie: so as we prepare to celebrate this holiday for movie buffs... we have to ask: where are all of the hover boards and was there ever a jaws 19? jack: c-n-n's todd leopold shows us what the original 1989 film got right in its depiction of 2015.
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doc: we are descending towards hill valley, california, at 4.29pm, on wednesday, october 21st, 2015. marty: 2015? you mean we're in the future? jennifer: future, marty? what do you mean? how can we be in the future? marty: uh jennifer, i don't know how to tell you this,'re in a time machine. jennifer: and this is the year 2015? doc: october 21st 2015. yes, october twenty first, twenty fifteen has arrived. but where are all the flying cars? a lot of the stuff marty mcfly saw in his future is reality today. the headsets being worn at the dinner table, well we have google glass. they also look strikingly similar to samsung's gear vr and the oculus rift. and yes video conferencing, as when marty has a fight with his boss, is also real. and it's another prediction of the future that "back to the future" nailed. marty also had self- lacing shoes, in 2011 nike auctioned off one-thousand, five- hundred replicas but it was missing an important feature. "i'm hoping a future release will solve my shoe tying problems for good.'
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speaking of waiting - in the movie, the movie world series, ending a drought that still exists today. and and with the cubs in the playoffs there's still a chance this one could come true. wants is the several companies have tried to make this childhood favorite, lexus concept must stay on track. a company called hendo works on a particular if you want to buy one wheels. then there are the items that only exist today because of "back pepsi, for example, has pepsi perfect bottle, orders in the movie. and universal has just released a fake trailer for "jaws 19." all in all, twenty fifteen has lived up to most of the promise in "back to the future" part ii. but you know, i'd still like a flying car. we'll be right
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